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18 definitions by Rob St Evenage

What you look like when you cum, your cum face

A scarecrow

A sex act involving hose pipes and a pastry cutter
" Oh yeah...it feels so good...yeah...oh my god...oh..oh i'm..i'm co..i'm coming "(as if you need to announce it)
% Oh my god, he looks just like wurzle gumidge when his cummin %
by Rob St Evenage March 08, 2008
A person used to make up a sexual threesome. also see fuck buddy, Ashley Cole, Spit roast

The name used by professional footballers when checking into a Travel Inns and simular hotels to have group sex with each other.

Anon: " The battery on my mobiles gone flat, can I borrow yours Jermaine? "
Jermaine: " Yeah its next to the ky Ashley "

Anon: " Fucking hell Jermaine you've got spunk in my eye again don't you realise how much it stings "
Jermaine: " sorry Ashley "
by Rob St Evenage March 06, 2008
Ventriloquist and TV entertainer. Born with on the planet Bungle in 1958 and banished to Earth in 1973 for a series of sexual assaults involving marshmellows and a small rodent. After a bit part in ITV's Pipkins, Zippy (real name Curtis Cockininiszipper) found fame in the ITV cult childrens classic Rainbow. Zippy with the help his ventriloquist doll and alta ego George, Bungle played by Geoffrey Gaylord, Geoffrey played by Rod Janenfreddy and Rod, Jane and Freddy played by Jane Slut the worlds first and only conjoined triplet created Britains most watched TV show. In 1978 Zippy lost his left hand in a freak tumble dryer accident and no longer able to operate his doll George decided to retire to Brighton where he still lives with his civil partner Matthew Corbett. Also see Richard Gere puppet fisting orange frog
Zippy " haha haha I the best, haha I'm the best"
Geoffrey " shut up Zippy or i'll zip you up "
Zippy " Jog on Geoffrey jog ommmhmm hmmm mmm hmm "
George " yeah Zippy...you like that don't you bitch "
1974 rainbow pilot (never aired)
by Rob St Evenage March 07, 2008
To masturbate whilst laying on a bed and attempt to ejaculate out of the window onto a passerby. Also see Chappers
" Lets lay here, chasing cars, on our own " Snow Patrol
by Rob St Evenage March 06, 2008