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A group of friends that all have blackberry phones, Black Berry Crew.
Who is that over there is that the BBC? I think it is the Black Berry Crew!
by Roach1er October 31, 2010
what is said when its time to work out and get all cutt up
I think its buff time ymer, "you think so" yeah pretty soon your gunna need tape cuase eduardo's gunna be all ripped!
by Roach1er November 02, 2010
Comeback for when a short person calls a tall person a sky scraper.
Knee Pads- "your a freaken sky scraper!"
Troll- "Shut up you ground scraper!"
by Roach1er March 04, 2011
Term used for tank tops, tight shirts, and or sleeveless shirts.
Slug lets go to walmart and get some buff shirts, mine keep ripping cuase i keep flexing for these sluts.
by Roach1er November 02, 2010
The best way of starting a conversation, better that the way of saying "Sup".
Rup Mariana hows your day going?:)
by Roach1er October 31, 2010

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