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Killing Skylines is a code word for masterbation. It is used by friends so other people around them wont know what their talking about.
Brandon: dude, why were you 15 mins late for the church?
Ricky: dude, "Suzzy the Supper Slut dose Texas 2" was on
the Playboy chanal and i was Killing Skylines.
Brandon: Ohh....
by Rickybob28 December 05, 2005
1 drug dealer

2 Brandon Novak's nick name, given to him by Bam Margera.

3 A moive coming out some time in 2006. Directed by Bam Margera, its the life story of Brandon Novak.
Ricky: dude i cant wait to see dream seller.
Elliot: i hope its as good as Haggard.
by Rickybob28 March 02, 2006

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