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a peson who smokes weed, ussually a calm good spirited person. enjoys what weed has to offer life as a means of stress reduction. stoners rairly snap lose it and kill 50 people on the way to work one day. generally looked down apound by other people even when they are coked right up most of the time.
fucking coke heads
"look at that stoner waisting his life and wrecking his heath. lets do another rail."
by Ricky_Slate April 06, 2004
i kid who you don't like , and really has no place hanging around with you but like herpes he never goes away.
you can distract him for a while but he will always show up again
"fucke here comes herpes boy again, lets bolt"
by Ricky_Slate April 06, 2004
A cave dweller or hermit.
generally used to demean someone else
"listen up you fucking trogledyte, eat shit"
by Ricky_Slate April 05, 2004
when a person is fucking with your high
"fuck off, your harshing my mellow"
by Ricky_Slate April 05, 2004

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