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a word with multiple functions and positive connotation; used as a noun, adjective, adverb, verb, conjunction, most commonly as an interjection. a spontaneous "yanie" to ring in good times or a joyful occasion.
-Jim cheered "yanie" as the home team hit a homerun.
-"I yanied the last test"
-"Your cardigan looks simply yanie"
-The athlete ran as hard as he could yanie to the finish line.
-"That girl is hot and yanie"
by Rickster June 09, 2004
suffix. (your first name here)ster. An easy nickname labeled on yourself or colleagues commonly used to emphasize said individuals's aura. A person that oozes their own personality.
by rickster June 10, 2003
Beyond comment.
Man I didn't know the strobe light made you have a seizure - we all thought you were bustin some wild new floor moves that were off the radar.
by RiCKSTER December 22, 2003
LIT Lesbian in Training
"My name is Amy.. I'm a LIT"
by Rickster July 22, 2004
an exclamation to be used when stealing something belonging to someone else. use of the word yoink precludes any negative reaction by the victim.
"Nice nick. Yoink!"
by Rickster June 10, 2004

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