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A near permanent erection. Serious cases result from either Viagra complications or spinal injuries.
While performing a patient assessment on a car accident victim I noticed he was wielding an unbreakable stiffy. This man either sustained a spinal injury or is real happy to see me.

My horny girlfriend teased me so bad that I had a pry prism for 20 minutes after she left my house.
by Rick Rock and Ya Don't Stop June 09, 2007
What men who serve in the US Military call attractive civilian women. Civilian women typical possess more longer, an faddish style hair dos compared to female military personnel.
While on liberty, me and my battle buddies would frequent bars to scope out any long hairs to pull.
by Rick Rock and Ya Don't Stop June 10, 2007
To be so spun the fuck out, one can't even think straight. I.E.: PIPE DRUNK
fuck I'm monked out, me and Brad kept on hitting up bowl after bowl, after bowl of these shards, man, i can't even fucking move? wait a minute, am I thinking out loud? Did I just say that I was thinking to myself? Did he hear what I was thinking?
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop October 18, 2007
To be under the influence of any type of substance that will cause one to be spun out.
Shit...I was on the up and up for a minute after I did that eightball!
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop August 08, 2007

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