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the most gourgous loveable big booty white girl you will ever meet; you can look but cant touch.
Holly shit keyra talked to me, and look at that ass!
by richard February 27, 2005
Noun. A person without common sense. A moron. Someone who shouldn't be in control because of his lack of common sense.
Example 1: That Greenblatt presented the teller with his ID before robbing the bank.

Example 2: A Greenblatt is running that network. Why else would they cancel that show.
by Richard January 05, 2005
This person is truly the best thing that ever happened to me. She is my only true love, she is a perfect angel.
Kait is a walking, talking angel of mine.
by richard January 22, 2005
English word, slang for "Fucking Hell"
Oh kinell! You cheeky fucker!
by Richard November 06, 2003
mixture of wow and how, used only where both are appropriate.
"I just ate a whole wheel of cheese."

by Richard June 19, 2006
completely out of it, after excess alcohol or marijuana.
shit man, i was complete mashed last night..
by richard January 25, 2004
Slang term for somebody who is from packistan unless you are a chav in which case it is anybody who is asian and not a chink (Chinese/Japanese person) often used in a racist way
...And then this fucking packi jumped my ass
by Richard November 25, 2004
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