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Similar to having a case of the munchies except you mean you have a craving for a dead woman's vaginal secretions, and other material that "cums" out when you "munge" a girl. *Note: that this is an acquired taste.
Man, I'm getting kind of hungry, I'm getting a case of the "mungies".
by Richard January 07, 2004
I pity the fool.
"I pity the fool that fuck with the A-Team" - B.A. Baracus
by RicHARD September 23, 2003
the slang way to spell "skate"
"yeah man, yesterday i "sk8ed" all day long."
by richard June 17, 2003
Originally computer slang for "peace," used mainly in IM conversations during the 21st century.
Richard: "I'm off to jail now."
Wife: "peas"
by Richard February 23, 2005
the bestest

also hot

see sexy
wow Elzi's hot today
by Richard October 08, 2004
boobs that look like someone grabbed by the nipple and pulled too hard on.
Man that chic's got triangle boobs !
by Richard February 10, 2003
A term created by famous YouTube user "Brookers" in her YouTube video for people who dye their hair blue. It's like how people call redheads "fire crotches." Color of water = blue. Color of blue haired girls crotches = blue.
There's a whole lot of water crotches on Stickam.
by Richard January 02, 2008

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