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135 definitions by Richard

A term created by famous YouTube user "Brookers" in her YouTube video for people who dye their hair blue. It's like how people call redheads "fire crotches." Color of water = blue. Color of blue haired girls crotches = blue.
There's a whole lot of water crotches on Stickam.
by Richard January 02, 2008
plural of penis, see penii
My friend and I have nice penen.
by Richard September 29, 2004
words used by hot rod hundley after john stockton passes for an assist to karl malone who scores
did you see that stockton to malone pass last night?
by Richard December 31, 2003
Dead, dried up skin; typically an insult.
"Them chickens is ash and I'm lotion." - Mariah Carey (It's Like That)
by Richard March 05, 2005
When you are flashed by a platinum blonde. She may possibly steal your car, so be careful!
I was driving to work when I was adaired by Daisy. She then tricked me into getting out of my car, which she promply stole.
by Richard December 30, 2004
Derogatory term used to express satisfaction in another’s misfortune.
Ah Wah! I especially like the bit where the fat man fell on his arse.

Person 1: I fell on my arse
Person 2: AH WAH!
by Richard May 23, 2004
Dude. Why isn't this one in yet?
Its another name for ya cock.
uh....no one actually says it
by RicHARD September 23, 2003