195 definitions by Richard Black

A fat, ugly black girl with messy hair.
Sadie ain't never gonna catch no man until she cleans herself up, gets some new clothes, and loses weight.
by Richard Black March 12, 2005
Crotch hair; hair covering a human's privates; the bush
Crotch hair in both men and women is natural and can be alluring. Overgrown and totally shaved are turnoffs. A light, neat trim is an enhancement to the area

Tyrone and Brie Ann decided to have a foursome. Neither could get excited over the absence of pubic hair on their partners. Their crotches were totally shaved and waxed and looked childish.
by Richard Black May 01, 2005
A woman who can perform oral sex like a blender.
I had a blender last night
by Richard Black December 30, 2003
A retarted male who has been castrated so that he will not rape a girl and produce another retard.
The parents of the retarded boy decided to have him castrated when he was seen humping a dog. He is now a numbnut.
by Richard Black March 28, 2005
Ultimate act of love between male homosexual partners - swallowing your lover's load.
Jim felt his love for Joe exude all over his body as he swallowed Joe's load.
by Richard Black March 15, 2005
n. a tilt of the head by one gay to another in a crowd of straight people.
Chance knew from far across the crowded room that Tyler was gay. Chance cocked his head to one side and Tyler responded with a nod of acknowledgement.
by Richard Black October 19, 2005
adj. appealing strongly to the senses, mainly to the eyes in a sexually gratifying way.
Brie Ann's stats of 44" ddd , 23", and 25" were the voluptuous assets she brought to Tyrone's bed.
by Richard Black April 29, 2005

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