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The thin pocket that keeps your scrotum in place and not in your Hi-Tecs.
Christ, ive torn my nadsack! thats the last time i watch American Pie 3!
by RichTbiscuits December 05, 2003
A type of clear cider that is often drunk by kevs. It is bought in off-licences whose manager is either too short-sighted to notice that the customer is only 12, or a work-experience student who feels that the 'imposing' gang of 12year olds standing at the door is too threatening and therefore just plays along with the ruse ignoring the fake drivers licence.
Look at those bloody kevs, they got pist from a sip of white lightning!
by RichTbiscuits December 05, 2003
A guy who spends all his time playing online games in the dark with his trousers around his ankles, wondering what Lara Croft would look like with no clothes on.
Percy is such a webwanker, ive seen the stains on his keyboard.
by RichTbiscuits December 05, 2003
Two characters that were on a British childrens TV show called Byker Grove (AKA beeka groov).
Though they were well known, the show itself made was made popular by the size of Geoff's beard and his ridiculous accent.
Pj and duncan are basically names for the objects that inhabit your nadsack - your scrotum.
Way-ay, sumwun 'as jus set Geoff's beerd on fire! hees gona get a kick in the pj and duncans if hees foond.
by RichTbiscuits December 05, 2003
An alcoholic beverage that is usually drunk by a member of the 'daintier' sex.
For example: Martini and lemonade; Budweiser...
Oh no! have you seen johnny? last time i saw him he was on the ladypops, he's gonna get an arsekickin'!
by RichTbiscuits December 05, 2003
When a woman's oestrogen levels drop and the hormone testosterone becomes dominant, the resulting (and often random) growth of hair around the lips is known as a fem-tosh. unlike a kev-tosh this is unwanted. Predominantly seen on elderly women, like grandmothers or the scary old lady who lives down the road.
Ooh, i need a shave i can feel a fem-tosh comin' on.
by RichTbiscuits December 05, 2003

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