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1) The age at which a girl is just old enough to have sex without getting the older man in trouble with the law.

2) A very fine pornographic magazine depicting teenage girls.
1) Jimmy: Hey Johnny, how old is your girlfriend? She looks really young.
Johnny: She just turned 18!
Jimmy: You lucky dog, she's barely legal!

2) I looked at the naked pictures in the latest issue of Barely Legal.
by RexGibson December 13, 2003
(noun) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is Canada'a national public TV and radio broadcaster, and receives much of its funding from the government (the rest from ads). It is not, however, controlled by the government; it is actually quite critical of those in power.

It helps to promote Canadian identity by broadcasting Canadian movies and television shows. CBC has a network of TV and radio stations, as well as news bureaus, in French and in English, across the country -- often located in small towns that private broadcasters refuse to service because they can't make a profit there.

The CBC has had its parliamentary appropriation funding cut substantially in recent years. Consequently, it has cut down its news service substantially.

Private broadcasters in Canada tend to show American content; the CBC tries to prevent that American influx of content.

Interestingly, it's most popular weekly show is Hockey Night in Canada.
I watched the Leafs play on the CBC.
by RexGibson February 19, 2004
How's it hangin is a polite greeting from one man to another. "It", in the context, is the man's penis. Presumably if it's hanging well, the man is doing well.
Jerry: Hey John, how's it hangin?
John: Long and low, Jerry, long and low!
Jerry: that's great!
by RexGibson April 26, 2004
A generic name for a strip club. May be truncated form of "strippers".
Hey guys, let's go to the rippers tonight!
by RexGibson January 01, 2004
Don Cherry is currently the most well-known hockey commentator in Canada. He discusses hockey issues with sidekick Ron MacLean every Saturday night after the first period of the first game shown on Hockey Night in Canada on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Cherry played one single game in the National Hockey League (NHL), but spent many years in the minor leagues. He was more successful as a coach, leading the Boston Bruins in the 1970s. As a CBC commentator he has been extremely controversial, calling Europeans and French Canadian players chickens and wimps. Cherry hosted an interview-syle TV show in the 1980s called Don Cherry's Grapevine, which spawned similarly named bars across Ontario.
Don Cherry is a tough talkin' old man.
by RexGibson February 16, 2004
Unstructured work, often done outside the office on a piecemeal basis. Irregular and often unpaid.
The editor asked me to do all that writing on a freelance basis, but in the end he never paid me. I took him to court.
by RexGibson March 14, 2004
A good NBA basketball player who has a girl's first name.
Why didn't Tracy McGrady's mother name him something more manly, like Samantha?
by RexGibson February 08, 2004

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