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To masturbate, usually referring to guys only. The term is used when a guy has the urge to whack it after seeing a hot girl.
I was dancing with this hot chick at the club, but I didn't go home with her. When I got home, I was so horny that I had to run one off.
by RexGibson March 06, 2004
An appropriately named town in Iran that got hit by a massive earthquake in 2003. The town of Rumble, Iran, will likely be the next one to be hit.
The earthquake rumbled along and *BAM* the town was gone!
by RexGibson January 03, 2004
A nose ring is otherwise known as a nose maggot.
From a distance you can't really see that it's a ring -- instead it looks like a little white maggot.
She went to the tattoo and piercing store and got a nose maggot.
by RexGibson January 19, 2006
The best pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball. A six-time Cy Young award winner for best pitcher in the American league. Also a mercenary who never really cared about the success of his teams; he only cared about winning a World Series for himself.
Roger Clemens is a great pitcher, but I hate him.
by RexGibson March 08, 2004
A portion of a hockey game. There are three periods of 20 minutes each; if the score is tied at the end of the third period, there will be one or more overtime periods.
After the second period, I went to the washroom.
by RexGibson January 31, 2004
Slang for pussy, snatch, etc.

Made famous in the Van Halen song by the same name.

If you don't know, Panama is a country in Latin America that contains the Panama Canal, which looks like the slit of a pussy on the world map.
1) I'm meeting up with Erin -- I'll be going down to Panama tonight!!!

2) David Lee Roth from Van Halen: PANAMA!!! PANAMAW-HAW--UH-OH-UH-OH!! PANAMA!!!
by RexGibson May 12, 2004

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