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A skinhead or resembling a skinhead by way of the skinhead's preferred clothing and style, in particular the boots, rather than the obligatory short hair cut or crop. Synonymous with skinhead, informal
Although his hair was shoulder length his skinhead like posturing, bleached jeans and steel capped boots identified him as a bootboy.
by Rev. Gonad September 22, 2003
Red Dr. Martin or Air Wair work boots sometimes worn by Skinheads
The skinhead tied the laces on his cherry reds.
by Rev. Gonad September 22, 2003
The preferred hand that a male uses to maturate with.
Since he had injured his Sally hand he was forced to masturbate using his uninjured left hand.
by Rev. Gonad September 22, 2003
Skinhead girl, variation on the term "bird."
The skinhead talked only with his wren paying attention to no other girls. By her short hair and boots she was identified as a wren.
by Rev. Gonad September 22, 2003
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