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A Helmet Head is the pink tip of a males dick, which is shaped like a little pink helmet for the penis.
Guy: Dude! My Helmet head hurts so much! I banged that chick wayyyy too hard last night!
by Retwiler January 01, 2010
A Pecker Head is pretty much referring to a dick head but sounds much funnier.

Another Definition might be "Pecker Sucker" which reffers to a Dick Sucker.
Guy 1: Dude that guy at the club last night was such a pecker head!

Guy 2: Why is he a pecker head?

Guy 1: Because he stole my date, that pecker sucker...

Guy 2: Wow he sounds like a real pecker head.
by Retwiler January 01, 2010
The hilariously secrative way of pretty much meaning "boyfriend". "Girlfrined" is a word most guys would say to cover up the word "Boyfriend" and the guy is most likely queer, gay, a fag, etc.
Jordo: Hey guys me and my girlfrined are gonna do it tonight.

Sean: wow......*cough* fag
by Retwiler February 13, 2010
Someone who sucks a penis. In other words playin the flute or giving a blowjob. The term "Flute" in skin flute is reffering to someones cock, penis, weiner, pecker, helmet head, dick, disco stick, etc.
Guy 1: That guy named Jordan from the coffee shop is a proffesional skin flute player!

Guy 2: I know yesterday he tried to play my skin flute but i beat his ass.
by Retwiler January 02, 2010

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