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3 definitions by Reptar08

To describe the relationship between very close friends.
Alfred:Hey are you guys related you act like brothers.

Jt:No we are brolated.
by Reptar08 July 01, 2010
When three people most commonly two females and one male give each other blow jobs while releasing fecal matter.It is proper in most countries to switch off giving each other rim jobs after the act of release.
hey bro do you remember those girls I took home last night they both gave me a "Portuguese Marathon Runner" It was amazing.
by Reptar08 June 28, 2010
The aftermath of slappin a girl.....or fat dude's tits with a Tennis racquet.
Charles: I slapped my girl while playing tennis and gave her a mad case of waffle boob.
by Reptar08 August 28, 2010