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Little Lusty Girl. A type of LG that has a certain swagger to her such that you know she will be a slut in a few years.
Hey Joe, Look at that Jumprope team, they've got some legit LLG's.
by Remulus February 24, 2008
A competition with a group of guys where the participants goal is to accumulate the most collective poundage of females in one night. Thus, it is beneficial to aim for whales as opposed to regular girls because 1 whale could be equivalent to 3 normal females (actual weighing of girls is optional).
Me and my uncle Jake has a fishing tournament last night. I harpooned my first whale at a cool 195, his at 180. However, his second whale was a blue whale aka the deadliest catch, weighing in at 215. I couldn't compete with my uncle since my second catch was only 170. Total score: Uncle Jake= 395lbs Remulus 365lbs
by Remulus October 14, 2008
A terrible affliction affecting a percentage of the public who are characterized by hands made of muffins. However, this malady is only compounded by the additional fact that the person possessing the hands are forbidden to eat their own hands in cases of extreme hunger.
(Note: Although this condition has not been witnessed in the medical field, the term could apply to someone with deformed hands or one who cannot use their hands properly)
I don't know how Dr. Schmidt is able to function in everyday society with such a terrible case of muffin hands.
by Remulus March 08, 2009

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