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Little Lusty Girl. A type of LG that has a certain swagger to her such that you know she will be a slut in a few years.
Hey Joe, Look at that Jumprope team, they've got some legit LLG's.
by Remulus February 24, 2008
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Low-level game. When you attempt to beat an RPG while keeping your character(s) at the lowest level possible.
I'm still stuck on my FFVI LLG.
by Avalanche January 24, 2008

'thee who lives life as a G, and liberates himself from anyone who does not partake in these actions.
Larry: Breh We liv'n dis shyt up LLG Style Niggaaah Whussuh.

Officer driving the patrol car: Damnit Larry when the hell do you shut up
by Breh? October 10, 2011
1. The one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the love universe.
2. The Supreme Being considered with reference to a particular attribute: the God of Love.
Ohh my god i can't believe you were just talking the that LLG.
by Larisa Locke November 12, 2007

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