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When you let out a stream of obscenities or death threats due to hackers, or ending your killstreak before a tactical nuke. The next step is rage quitting.
Jim: "Allright dude, I'm one kill away from a tactical nuke!"
Hacker AA-12's him from 2 miles away*
Jon: "Dude! You forgot to turn off your mic! I could hear you spewing Modern Warfare 2 Tourette's from my TV! My mom's in the room!"
by Remlap1223 April 12, 2010
A toilet humor version of saying owned. Used often in video games, sports, or just beating someone at something.
Jim: "Almost got the game winning kill! Camping in Quarry was such a good idea!"
*Javelin Noob spams a javelin missle and kills him. Game ends.
Random noob: "OH YEAH BABY!!! Pooped On!!!!"
by Remlap1223 April 20, 2010
The act of quitting a video game due to a frustrating event. Often the result of hacking, and usually happens in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
Jim: "Of course, this dumbass kills me as soon as I respawn."
MW2 Announcer: Enemy Tactical Nuke! INCOMING!
Jim: "Fuck this shit."
Rage quits*
Jon: "What happened?"
Jim: "Stupid hacker got a nuke, didn't need to stick around."
Jon: "You're such a baby. Stop Rage Quitting."
by Remlap1223 April 12, 2010
A different way to call someone a pussy.
Jim: "I'm not playing COD anymore! There are just too many fucking hackers!"
Jon: "Stop being such a vagina! Grow a pair, will you?"
by Remlap1223 April 20, 2010
A different way of calling someone a dick.
Jon launches a potato cannon straight at Jim's nuts
Jon: "O, yea dewd! U just got pooped on! Got it on video too! Straight 2 youtube!
Jim: "WTF MAN? Not only did you just crush my balls, but now you're going to humiliate me too? Stop being such a penis!!!"
by Remlap1223 April 20, 2010

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