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1. A gaff.
2. A collapse or failure of a teleprompter or other prompting device.
3. An unlikely action that often breaks protocol.
Did you see the speech last night? It was a complete Obacle!

Nothing reeks of Obacle like hugging or bowing to Heads of State.
by Rekd April 29, 2009
1. A group of people whose thoughts and opinions are not based on reality or substance, similar to Irregular Polygon shapes that are void of logic or direction.

2. A group of people that base their opposition to a subject strictly on the source instead of on the substance.

3. A thought process that resembles a trapezium (trapezoid) in that the sides of a trapezium (the thoughts that define a specific idea) never flow in a controlled logical pattern.
Why don't they see that they can't spend their way out of debt?

I dunno, dude. It's basic math. When you spend more money than you make, you have no chance to get out of debt.

Yeah, those Prollygons are going to ruin our national financial security for decades to come.
by Rekd May 03, 2009

1. One who is cogently paralyzed or displays little or no ability to form a cogent thought.

2. One who lacks the power to compel conviction in thoughtful, meaningful dialect.

3. One who is easily resisted due to mental paralysis.
Did you see that speech by the POTUS yesterday?

Yeah. Talk about an Obacle of Biblical proportion. He's like a cogentriplegic when his teleprompter fails.
by Rekd May 02, 2009
Drone Voter.

A person or group of people that votes based on who will give them the most free stuff
Obama only won because he convinced all the Droters that he would give them more free stuff from the Government dole.
by Rekd August 02, 2009
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