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2 definitions by Rei-Chan

Supposably the number one, top of the line high school in Billings Montana. Several parents, however, have seen through this lie. The teachers in sky view don’t help the students, the principal is a sadistic freak, the halls are a mess, and the students are violent and spiteful

There have been several bomb threats close to the date 4/20 each year at SVHS, and ever year it gets worse and worse. However, unlink a normal school, the principal of SV ordered that all students be held inside the school instead of evacuating it, causing pointless drama and several mistrusting parents to pull the children out of school, and some even went as far as transferring the students to another school.

The school is also heavily populated with ‘Jocks’ and ‘Preps’ This clique owns over half the school, while the other half consists of gamers, nerds, goths and outcasts.
“Did you know a cheer leader wrote that bomb threat on the bathroom wall? The assistant principal has been in there watching people go in and out of the stalls ever since!”

“Man, Sky View High School is crazy.”

“Did you see that kid come out of Sky View!? He was hot, but oh my god. Sky View? I would never talk to him.”
by Rei-Chan August 01, 2007
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Used to insult a player while playing a game. When you lose, or the other person cheat, simply scream, “YOUR PERSON WAS ALL PRETTY FLOWERS AND FLIP FLOPS!” To discriminate them. If that fails, then rape is in order.

While playing Ultimate ninja

Me: *Mashes on PS2 buttons*
Cousin: Hahahaha...Oh, what?
Me: Lol, you lose.
Cousin: Orly? Sasuke was all, PRETTY FLOWERS AND FLIP FLOPS!
Cousin: I'm going to rape you now.
by Rei-Chan August 01, 2007
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