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A song that Bards can use in FFXI, weakens a monsters resistance against an element.
Reeve casts Fire Threnody on the <t>.
by Reeve April 15, 2004
(plural noun)
1. A litter of dorillas
The average gonkey mother can have up to two dozen dorillas per cubble.
by Reeve October 28, 2003
1. The combination of a donkey and a gorilla, as through genetic splicing or crossbreeding.
2. A person born in, living in or descended from the continent of Africa.

A baby gonkey: dorilla
A litter of dorillas: cubble
Latin - Eqorius Gonkius
Oh my god, that gonkey just robbed my store!!!
by Reeve October 28, 2003
1. A young gonkey, not sexually mature
2. Any gonkey age 1 to 9

A litter of dorilla: cubble
Ah, what a cute little dorilla, it almost looks human.
by Reeve October 28, 2003

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