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A person who manages to screw up or break most anything he/she touches. Usually when working on things like cars, carpentry projects, or most anything that involves tools.

The term "wrench tosser" is in reference to someone dropping a wrench into a turning engine or gears and more than likely causing damage.
Don't let Steve work on your car, he'll screw it up worse than it is! He's such a Wrench Tosser.
by RedMistMaker March 07, 2007
The term for a koozie, while in mid-flight, from one drunks hand to another drunks face. Once the soobie lands, goes back on a beer, or is in a persons possesion, it goes back to being a koozie.
Heads up dick weed! Incoming Soobie at your 3 o'clock!
by RedMistMaker March 31, 2007
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