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1 Part Cherry Slurpee
1 Part Orange Slurpee
1 Part Moutain Dew Slurpee
50 Parts Fucking Cherry Vodka

It is pure slurpee rape.
It rapes your mouth
It rapes your senses

It leads you to rape monkeys
Nicole #1 your raped my slurpee with your Nicole Slurpee. Now I'm fucked up. Let's play football
by recruiterpoet March 20, 2011
A virtual contact, friend, colleague or passive connection that join all your social networks (Facebook, Myspace, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg, Stumbleupon and Google+) and comments, likes, plus one or shares all your posts regardless of rhyme or reason.

These individuals are every where you turn and tend to be individuals you have never met before. They formulate opinions based on everything in your life. They begin to live vicariously through you.

Be careful
My social media stalker has commented on my last ten Google + posts and the last 15 posts on Facebook.
by recruiterpoet April 08, 2012

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