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From film industry acronym "Wind reel and print" meaning rewind the film and print the rushes.
Said by the director at the end of a scene, indicating that everything appears to be satisfactory.
Hence; any task or event is complete.
"Check the gate and if the sound's OK, that's a wrap. Thanks everybody"
by Recklesswraith September 15, 2007
h4x0r$P33K 4 Microsoft® which allegedly in the olden times tried to write code and shit but there were 1000s of these cretins and none of them could do it rite lulz!!!1! KTHXBYE
n00b: I can't wait till I download Windows 7® Beta from the glorious Microsoft® Corporation! *sighs*
|33td00d: µ!¢®0$0?+ ????? KOS
by recklesswraith March 26, 2008
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