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A document in which the government gives to people who are on welfare to buy food.
Man, get off those welfare checks and food stamps and get a job!
by Rebecca LaRue October 11, 2003
A word that Emeril Lagasse says when flicking on a spice.
Bam! Now we'll let this simmer...
by Rebecca LaRue October 12, 2003
Slang. A girl.
That chicadee looks like she could use a good facelift.

Don't worry about it, chicadee.
by Rebecca LaRue December 21, 2003
An irrelevent phrase that is useless because the French have different words for the English cussing words.
Oh, I'm gonna say 'Excuse my French' because I just cussed but I speak English. :D
by Rebecca LaRue October 11, 2003
A guy who has a big ego and tries to do something new or something he thinks he's good at, and sucks badly.
Nice, Rico Suave.
by Rebecca LaRue October 12, 2003
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