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2 definitions by Realn

A superior thinker than a majority of the community. An individual who posseses the intellect to have other beliefs than social programming teaches us. Most deviants make a positive footprint on society, rather than the misconceived negative version. Deviants are simply individuals who differ in many aspects to the larger flock of society.
A deviant could include homosexuals and inventors etc.
by Realn March 01, 2006

A sharp object, typically a swiss-army or pocket knife used to inflict pain on someone.
Primarily used as a weapon of defense for teens in the inner cities.

Bro, 2 dudes were on the train and tried to rob me for my Iphone. I had the pokey on me though so I just started pokin niggas.
Blood was leaking everywhere shit was crazy.
by realN February 10, 2014