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An indie movie. You either love it or hate it. Quoted constantly by fifth and sixth graders running around with "VOTE FOR PEDRO" t-shirts. Has absolutely no plot or storyline and the characters are basically white trash and really stupid...but it sticks in your mind!!! its sooo stupid that it's kind of funny. anyway, see it because even if you hate it, it's better to have seen it cuz people won't stare at you like ur some idiot. I still don't get why its so popular!!! it makes no sense...but w/e its still okay. on a scale of 1-10, its a 4 imo
some quotes from Napolean Dynamite...

"TINA! Go eat some ham!"
"Do the chickens have large talons?"
"Whatever I feel like doing. GOSH!!!"
by ReDsOxBaBe October 02, 2005
a compliment given to overweight people. basically, it means "you might actually pass for pretty if you lost some weight". overly trying to take emphesis off the body and make someone feel good about SOMETHING. origanally meant as a compliment, but now sort of a putdown because most people know it means the person saying it thinks you're fat.
Bella: Hi, Aunt Jasmine
Aunt Jasmine: Oh my! Darling Bella I haven't seen you in three years! now let me have a look at my little precious.
Bella: Umm...
Aunt Jasmine: My, my...you're certainly looking healthy! and what a pretty face you have!
Bella: THANKS.
by ReDsOxBaBe October 02, 2005
A reply to someone saying sarcastically, "Yeah, right." Instead of getting defensive, this remark is doubally sarcastic. If somebody's being stuck up and thinks they're cool by being sarcastic, saying this will make them reallly mad because they know they've been defeated.
Aimee: Guess what?
Brianna: Chicken butt. No, I lied. What?
Aimee: My basketball team just won the high school championships!
Brianna: Yeah right. (sarcastically)
Aimee: Yeah, right! (enthusiastically) I'm so glad you understand!
by ReDsOxBaBe October 02, 2005
What comes out when you start to say shit and then catch yourself by saying shoot.
girl 1: omg did u hear jason cheated on you

girl 2 on playground with lil kids: what!!?? shitoot!!!
by ReDsOxBaBe October 05, 2005
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