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a cheap crappy apartment in a terrible neighborhood
There's roaches all over this crapartment
by RazMutant April 26, 2008
Valaddiction is addiction to validation,

Neurotically constantly seeking validation from others
Always wanting approval
Can't you just think for yourself
You've got a severe case of Valaddiction
by RazMutant July 17, 2011
someone who is simultaneously a dufus and a douche bag. This type of person tends to be stupid, poor decision makers, usually drunk, yet overly cocky, insincere, conceited, often lacking talent, intelligence or skill. Some are trust fund babies, brags about having money, possessions yet did nothing to acquire the wealth they have

a stupid jerk
The drunk frat boy was such a douchefus when he screwed his best friends girlfriend.
by RazMutant April 10, 2009
A prick pleaser is the opposite of a prick teaser. A prick teaser flirts, flaunts, dresses suggestively but doesn't do the deed. A prick pleaser flirts, flaunts, dresses suggestively and does do the deed. A prick pleaser pleases pricks
You were amazing. You're not a prick teaser, you're a prick pleaser. And I thought nothing was going to happen.
by RazMutant July 09, 2014
A last minute man is a male who waits until the last minute to do things, especially undesirable tasks like homework, studying, taxes, chores, honey dos
His homework is due at 9 tomorrow & he just started at at 11 pm tonight, he is such a last minute man
by RazMutant December 08, 2013
A couch surfer dude is a dude who surfs couches, doesn't really have his own place, so he sleeps on the couches of various friends till he wears out his welcome, then he finds a new friend with a couch for him to surf
He's been a total couch surfer dude since he came back from LA.
by RazMutant November 16, 2013
A 4 point O gasm is the euphoria you feel when you discover you've just received a 4.0, in a single class or for an entire semester
When I saw this semester's grades for the 1st time, I had a 4 point O gasm, I'm so psyched!!
by RazMutant July 04, 2013

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