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Verb: To blow out the contents of your colon through your asshole in a spectacular fashion. When done correctly, the fecal matter will cover anything within a twenty foot radius with a thin shit film.
Stan: Hey Carl, I just did a fecal explosion in your parents' bedroom.
Carl: Is there shit everywhere?
Stan: Of course there is.
Carl: Why did you do that?
Stan: You know that cocaine gives me the shits
Carl: Oh, you have coke?
Stan: Yes
by Ray Fecal March 07, 2008
When you are out in public with drugs on your person. Similar to Ridin Dirty, only no car.
I was stridin dirty when I walked back from my drug dealers house.
by Ray Fecal March 16, 2008
A polite way to refer to a unknown obese female.
"Hey, who invited Gunty McFupa to the party?....don't worry I've arranged to have her killed"
by Ray Fecal September 24, 2006
Of or pertaining to the Gunt.
Did you notice every bitch at that bar was gunty. I couldn't stand it.
by Ray Fecal August 14, 2004

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