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Westlife used to be a five member band, but now only four remain because Bryan McFadden left the group in March last year to spend more time with his family. The departure has not affected the popularity of the group, not even with the infamous Simon Cowell - the feared Pop Idols judge - who remains one of their driving forces.
Westlife truly is the best boy band in the world
by Ray March 01, 2005
it all started when kevo adn ray pwned so many noobs on CS that they all cried so ray decided to give them all some fresh made NOOBLET CAKES which taste quite good and kevo gave them pwnage pie which is equally good
stfu katie and eat your damn nooblet cakes
you too brad eat those cakes u slut
by RaY January 06, 2005
A combination of wack and sauce.Often used to insult or make fun of.
Yo that shits wacksauce.
CHeap,thats wacksauce.
by Ray January 06, 2004
a woman/man who will only let you get the tip of your dick in his/her ass, not full insertion.
John wished to be gay, but he knew he was only half greek.
by Ray March 13, 2005
An american weapon system smarter than the american president
by Ray September 20, 2003
To Come; Ejaculate
Down Skete Skete mutha fucka
by ray April 04, 2004
see corruption
by Ray September 20, 2003

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