116 definitions by Ray

one who is on 50 dick one that does not know that 50 is a bitch one who call ja a pussy one who dont know that ja shanked 50 one who dont know that the gangsta 50 has a restraining order on ja one that doent know that 50 is the real bitch
50 bitch shanked gangsta
by ray March 09, 2005
What a Japenese man dreams he could give a woman
Tojo wishes he could deep six his woman but he only has 3 inches
by ray April 12, 2005
To be humiliated in defeat to the point at which you lose your manhood.
"Dude, I still can't walk that test ass raped me so hard"
by Ray October 22, 2003
A derogatory term used for hookers that hang out at truck stops.
CB conversation: Breaker Breaker 19, does anyone know of any lizards hangin out on I-18.
by Ray February 05, 2003

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