116 definitions by Ray

"Lz is short for Lazy"
by Ray October 22, 2003
At the bossman's request, cruising the jail house or prison yard picking up cigarrette butts in a large tin can.
If that jit keeps irratating the bossman, he's gonna find himself cadillacing soon.
by Ray April 16, 2004
some guy named Ray Darkness
ray darkness
by ray May 20, 2003
(n.) Shittiest band ever.
Tonight your band sounded like Attahced. (Meaning YOU SUCKED)
by Ray November 19, 2003
eating the coarse hairs between one's scrotum and penis.
Man, Frick was shrimping ray last night!
by Ray June 13, 2003
a word said as a desperate act of need.
hooker:hey wanna have sex??
by ray March 04, 2004
your mom
I fucked the Biyatch last night, but i treated your mom good.
by Ray March 15, 2004

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