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1) A person, typically male, attempting to gain urban bravery by many ways; trying to fit in with the "urban" attitude via language, dress, posture, etc.
2) An individual that is attempting to be in-the-know, including, but not limited to, being stylish, fashionable, "up-to-date", Hip, etc, but doesn't quite have the personality, knowledge or attitude to actually reflect what they are trying to portray.
3) A person that purchases trendy labeled items, usually expensive, in hopes of the general public perceiving them as cool or hip. Cars, clothing, eye glasses, etc. Brand names such as Prada, Gucci, Versace, Porsche, BMW, etc.
4) A person attempting to show their knowledge in a particular subject for the purpose of appearing “cool” to the general public; they really do not know the subject as well as they portray.
5)Someone who does not keep it real; a poser.
a) Did you see that guy with the Bimmer at the stop light. Once the light turned green he punched it spinning the back wheels, what a gub.
b) Look at that gub with the Prada cell phone on his hip.
c) I had a true gub come into the store and buy some 22 inch rims for his Hummer today.
by Rawhidepd March 13, 2008

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