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a slang word used when you mean to hit someone
Stop that right now before I cocock your ass
by Ratneer February 23, 2010
To have been knocked out by a much stronger guy whose girlfriend you had slept with and pissed your pants
DUDE! Mike got toryed by john. Maybe he shouldn't of fucked John's girl.
by Ratneer February 23, 2010
D2FG is a forum service hosted freely by Jcink forum boards that is a complete rip off of d2jsp.org. They try to copy everything on the site even though they cannot get their hands on the code.
Hey! Did you hear about that D2FG place? It is a total rip off of D2jsp!
by Ratneer June 17, 2011
when you hit someone
you fucker, i will cocock you
by Ratneer February 23, 2010

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