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6 definitions by Randy Smith

Defined by Chris Rocks as someone who does not want to better themselves through education. "Yo, are you going to school bro?", "No, I'm keepin' it real". To which Chris Rock replies "yeah, Real Stupid!".
"Did you graduate high school"?

Naw man, I'm keepin' it real!
by Randy Smith September 24, 2007
99 35
The act of female masturbating herself.
I walked into the office bathroom at lunch and caught maryann paddling the canoe.
by Randy Smith June 06, 2006
14 10
After spend hours with an east indian family who are buying things for their home you give them the total of 12,000 dollars, to which they reply "I will give you 2000". So all the time you spent with them is not wasted you knock off a hundred or two dollars off the total to make the sale.
After spending all afternoon with them I finally had to give them a Hindu Discount just to make the sale.
by Randy Smith October 11, 2007
11 12
Are really obnoxious person named Bob.
Sandy's brother is Bobnoxious.
by Randy Smith November 04, 2003
13 16
Someone who is an asshole or a Dick. Generally used when curse words are not appropriate.
My Boss is a real doink.
by Randy Smith June 06, 2006
14 18
Slow Lopey Mexican - A illegal Mexican who drives their car very slow and overly cautious in order not attract the attention of the police.
I would have been here ten minutes ago if I did not get behind an SLM.
by Randy Smith October 06, 2003
20 72