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A person who goes to church regularly. The usage is often by people who want to cast a disparaging remark about people who attend church. Usage can be positive by rural people in the midwest.
If is funny how many church-goers one sees in the bars.
by Randy Bonjour June 19, 2006
A man pretending to be a woman. This usage is taken from the 1960's movie "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls". Z-man was a character in the film. At the end of the movie Z-man turned out to be a woman!
"Z-man is really a woman!" Quote from the movie Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.
by Randy Bonjour July 08, 2006
A method of cooling a car not equipped with air conditioning. Roll down four windows and drive forty miles an hour!
When asked if the car had air conditioning the salesman tried to make a joke of the car's shortcoming, "Sure, it has four-forty air conditioning."
by Randy Bonjour July 10, 2006
To drive the ball a long distance in golf. This slang verb refers to the club hitting the ball. The ball is momenterily compacted, or crushed. Of course, the ball retains its round shape just off the club face.
"John Daly crushed his drive on the first fareway," the TV announcer said in recalling the shot.
by Randy Bonjour July 10, 2006
Short for the old nerdy saying "gee-whiz." Gee-whiz is an exclamitory word.
Geez Susie, how did you get a black eye?
by Randy Bonjour June 19, 2006
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