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4 definitions by Randman

While operating a vehicle, driver mistakenly runs one or more tires over a nearby curb.
While pulling out of the local Krispy Kreme, Rodney ran into some curbulence spilling coffee all over his white t-shirt and jeans.
by Randman January 17, 2006
24 9
The orange coating left on your fingers and lips after consuming cheese puff snacks. (Cheese Doodles, Cheetos, etc.)
After dusting off a bag of Cheese Doodles, Speedy had to wash the residoodle off his hands.
by Randman January 17, 2006
11 1
1. Fecal residue left on the inside of one's underwear after an anal emission. See skidmark.
2. An accurate description of the physics involved in which a piece of leftover crap hanging out of your bunghole "scratches" your drawers.
Jimmy discovered a poop scratch in his boxers after not finishing the job a few hours earlier.
by Randman January 08, 2007
8 4
(v) to wipe your dirty ass with your index, middle and ring fingers in unison. Typically one does this when there is no toilet paper or suitable substitution available.
Steve one-elevened his messy hiney after realizing he ran out of Charmin.
by Randman January 18, 2006
3 12