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The giant penis monster, a powerful minor diety. Lives in the Godland. Stays drunk for many days. Is known to erupt from football fields. Due to events leading up to it becoming a god, it has taken a liking to teaching chemistry; it becomes hard with knowledge, spewing said knowledge over students. Ken Jackso La, the false prophet, was defeated by the Panaca. Blaine Manning is the accidental child of the Panaca and Vagana. For the Panaca's origin story, see Story of the Panaca, Vol. 1.
"Praise be to the Great Panaca!"
"The Panaca will rape you if you don't be careful."
by Randallus July 03, 2008
Shitty-ness. The complete and infuriating inability of an object or person to fulfill its use or duty. Opposed to "efficacy", but more powerful than "inefficacy".
The deficacy of this chair is simply astounding.
by randallus April 16, 2011
An asshole who often fails at anything he tries. Likes to project his own failures onto others by repeatedly calling them names and acting as if he's not a complete cock. Known for being quite adept at anything non-hetero-normative. Another name for someone who uses the internets for evil. Self-titled "lord of the interwebs."
"Dude, nice going pulling a skube."
"Man, you're such a skube!"
by Randallus July 03, 2008
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