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Challenging the minds of others around you, drawing them into a graceful and well thought out battle of minds. Therefor building respect and understanding of opinions and outlooks.

Arguing with no hostility.
My head hurts, Chris and I have been Mental fencing for hours.

William you are quite intelligent and a great Mental fencer, it's been a pleasure waging battle against you.

James stop trying to Mental Fence me, I get your point.

Who dares wage their mind against mine, I am a skilled Mental Fencer.
#fencing #mind #thought #war #battle #mental
by Rampage aka Lucky You August 25, 2009
The act of chewing anything while having cotton mouth from smoking marijuana.
Damn these chips really taste good, I wish I was able to swallow them, but I have Munchie mouth.

Chris has Muncie mouth, look at him struggling to swallow his food.

William it seems you've made paste of your food, you clearly have a case of Munchie mouth.

Everyone was smoking around James and he went for some chips, to his surprise he had a case of contact Muncie mouth.

Quick I need a frosty beverage! I am suffering from an extreme case of Muncnie mouth.
#marijuana #weed #munchies #smoking #high
by Rampage aka Lucky you August 23, 2009
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