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Pussy - The sweetest thing of all
by Rambo May 18, 2003
A derivative of "is it not", or more directly "isn't it". Often used at the end of a statement or word to give it emphasis, and simultaneously invite agreement.
"cool, innit"
by Rambo August 21, 2003
A sexual act involving 8 or 10 gay men standing in a circle with guns, typically revolvers, whose barrels they have stuck in each others' asses. After counting to ten, all of them scream an explitive accompanied by "WAVELL!" before puling the triggers of the guns. Each man then finds himself having a unique sadistic and masochistic sexual experience in that: 1)they can see and feel their intestines on the backs of the man in front of them and 2)the guts of the man behind them have been sprayed onto their backs. As a result of this end outcome, most people can only claim to have participated in a "Wavell" once. Occasionally, however, participants in "Wavells" do survive to repeat the act.
"You think getting donkey-punched is bad? Try a Wavell, and then tell me what you think!"
by Rambo April 07, 2005
in the guiness book of world records under the badest mother fucking roller coaster
old-rickety is kick ass!
by rambo February 25, 2003
Yell it out when someone gets something good
Hey dude, i just fuked my art teacher.

by Rambo May 18, 2003
Any person with a large, upside down bell-shaped head. Usually has lame sense of humor that incorporates violence and/or murder. Also a sexual term, please see other definition.
Man, that fuckin' Wavell.
by Rambo December 16, 2004
Governor of California. Does the voice of 'McBain' in the Simpsons
Wimpy Democrat: You don't have a clue about politics, do you?
Arnie: Shaaat aaap you puny little maaan

Reporter: What are you going to do about LA's crime rate?
Arnies: Uzi's for everywaaan!!
by Rambo March 13, 2004

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