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When a girl attempts to flush her used tampon down the toilet, and it appears to be gone, then resurfaces to scare the crap out of you later.
"I went to pee and there was a ghost tampon in the toilet, you told me you flushed it! Ew!"
by Radassical January 07, 2008
A combination of the words scab and booger. They are the scab-like boogers you get in your nose, you have to kinda scrape them off and generally hurts, and sometimes they bleed a little tiny bit.
"Ow! I just picked a gnarly scooger out of my nose, and it hella hurt to get out!"
by Radassical February 25, 2008
When a beezy (bitch) gives you an STD, VD, etc.
"That dumb bitch gave me a beezease, and its burns like like hell"
by Radassical January 07, 2008

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