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1) to run away from a member of law enforcement or authority.

Derived from the jive talk word from the 50's era. First said in the movie West Side Story.
"Cheese it fellas, it's the fuzz"
by Rachel Horowitz September 14, 2006
Noun: A type of knife with which one will get their lips cut off, and tounge cut out with if they make out in a movie theatre.

From the Aqua Teen Hunger Forcer Colon Movie Film For Theatres
"If you make out here,
I will cut your lips and tongue
from your head
with a linoleum knife."
by Rachel Horowitz April 21, 2007
John "Beatz" Holohan. Former drummer for New York rock group Bayside. Died on Halloween morning (10/31/2005) after the band's van hit a patch of ice at approximately 3:13 AM in Cheyenne, WY, after leaving their Boulder, Colorado show.
After his death many came out in support, many in monitary form to support his wife after his death.
Johnny Beatz was an awesome drummer and will be sorely missed.
by Rachel Horowitz March 09, 2006
emo in hacker speak. in the fashion of 1337 = elite and whatnot.
OMG that n00b is emo 3m0. i bet she cried when i pwnd her the other night
by Rachel Horowitz March 09, 2006
some one who is of half african-american nationality and half jewish
dude.. reagen is SUCH a dirty jigger.
by Rachel Horowitz February 26, 2006
1) To be so under the influence of cocaine that one becomes paranoid and forgets where they are.

2) To be so affected by the effects of cocaine that one forgets nights past activites.
1) I'm so zooted. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?
2) Dude I got so zooted last night... Where are my pants.
by Rachel Horowitz April 21, 2007

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