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1. Ridiculously beautiful, smart, kind, funny high school girl.
2. Girlfried/fiancee of Jun (2nd total entry).
3. See definition 1, but needing to learn more French.
Did you see Minjee and her boyfriend yesterday? They make such a cute couple.
by Raccha January 09, 2005
1. A non-alcoholic version of an alcoholic drink (made with cranberry juice, orange juice, peach nectar, and grenadine).
2. Often mistaken for a lewd act in a beautiful place.
3. (slang) justifying an especially inappropriate chat/act of the "cult", as nothing else can be quite as perverted.
1, 2. When Victoria asked the bartender for some virgin sex on the beach, he completely understood, but when she asked her friend Ben, he ran away from her.
3. "Psh, I know you want to make him nervous, but at least you aren't offering virgin sex on the beach!"
by Raccha January 14, 2005
When a person teases, insults, kicks, punches, etc. another person because they have feelings for that person.

Root: This happens often in kindergarteners, so it is used to describe all people with this nature.
I told Minjee she had a kindergarten complex because she would always threaten to beat up Jun.
by Raccha February 17, 2005
A particularly severe form of the pulmonary lymphatic disease lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM). Also works well in songs, due to it having the same number of syllables and the same beginning as the famous word in the Mary Poppins song.
When Elizabeth progressed from a little shortness of breath to needing a lung transplant in a month, she knew she had supercalymphangioleiomyomatosis.

"Supercalymphangioleiomyomatosis, even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious..."
by Raccha November 19, 2006
1. Ions composed of more than one element.
2. Hideous acts of nature seen with the devil on many occasions. Destructive acts include but are not limited to: making 9th grade chemistry students fail tests/quizzes, causing a lack of sleep in said students because of late nights doing homework, causing undenyable pleasure in the teacher of said students when grading said failed exams
1. C03 2- is the polyatomic ion carbonate.
2. I saw phospite with the devil! Hang it!
by Raccha January 14, 2005
1. Girlfriend of the ever-evasive Snuffles.
Did you see Janoot with Snuffles at the Snow Ball last night? They make such a wonderful couple.
by Raccha January 10, 2005

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