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A bunch of Jews got capped. They are still bitching about it 60 years later even though it didn't happen to them personally , nor people closely related to them. The world population has to stay down one way or another, people.
The real Nazis are people who did not support the Holocaust.
by RaawB June 01, 2007
A phrase used when you do not feel like saying "mind your own business" or "piss off".
Tom: What were you and Sheryl doing in that closet?
Rob: Discussing dinner.
by RaawB December 04, 2007
1. When you run around half naked kicking people in the chest and/or pushing elephants off of cliffs, often stopping to gaze with awe upon trees with people nailed to them.

2. A movie in which this happened, but it's more impressive if you run around and do it with your friends.

3. A line of rifles made by Z-M weapons.

4. A Number. Oh shit!
1. "Fuck yea, let's go 300 up the zoo."

2. "Are you kidding me? 300 sucked baby dick!"

3. "Good sir, I will pop a cap in your ass with my LR 300-ML-N."

4. "There must be at least 300 beaners standing around looking for jobs here!"
by RaawB June 05, 2007
Kids who are very depressed because they spend hours on their make-up and hair but no one gives a shit.
Get a life, emo kid.
by RaawB January 11, 2009
Fat guy with huge ass man tits who directs a band. Often wears Hawaiian Shirts because he is too fat for anything else. They were often queers in school, and no one liked them.
Dude, that band director makes Pamela Anderson's tits look tiny.
by RaawB June 13, 2007
A complete loser in a highschool or college marching band. Plays an isntrument way too much, and usually also plays World of Warcraft with fellow members of the band, using microphone headsets much like those featured at McDonalds (Most will end up working there, anyway). They try to grow pubes in petridishes under their beds because that's what everyone talks about. Nobody at school likes them.
Get out of here you slimy shit bando, no one likes you!
by RaawB June 13, 2007

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