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the thing you call the women in the elivator who has period blood dripping down her leg

the british way of saying bitch
"man look shes got a bloody cunt"
"What a bloody cunt!"
by H0-Licker October 14, 2006
36 15
A term used to describe a woman or womanly man that says they are annoying, deceitful, or in general a pathetic waste of flesh
Ryan Nichols is a bloody cunt!
by beast of the nile October 09, 2004
25 11
What my girlfriend is after I beat her.
If you hadn't brought me a warm beer, you wouldn't be a bloody cunt.
by Jesus Penis July 18, 2006
11 16
the most derrogatory term for a broad
that girl is a bloody cunt
by RWC December 03, 2003
5 18