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3 definitions by ROBOCHAD

The act of holding your peace sign fingers sideways while simultaneously saying "deuces" to another individual. It can be meant as both a friendly and unfriendly way of saying goodbye or peace out to someone else.
Friendly way; Mark threw up deuces while leaving the epic party last night.

Unfriendly way; Jake threw up some deuces when he peeled out of Kyle's moms driveway after he left there with Hulk Hands!
by ROBOCHAD August 09, 2012
When you have to fart and you save it for one purpose. Then after it brews in your rectum for a long enough time you take your position to let the assassination fart out of your brownhole to seek its vengeance on those targeted. This type of fart is specifically classified by its 100% silent release from the rectum and its room clearing and gag inducing capabilities.
As we played Black-Ops Jake decided to plot and execute a strategic assassination fart, he cleared the living room and caused others to drop their controllers causing online deaths and real life gagging and dry heaving.
by ROBOCHAD August 09, 2012
Using both of your fists(hands) to fist two women at the exact same time. One girl on each fist(hand).
Damn bro! I heard that Kyle and Chad both had Hulk Hands at Jake's party the other with 4 Jamestown girls. They are true super herebro's.
by RoboChad August 08, 2012