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An awkward, often painful handjob given by an inexperienced female where the recipient's penis is squeezed in a pulsing manner rather than stroked up and down, resulting in the discomfort of the recipient.
"I thought she knew what she was doing up until she completely crushed my penis with her Hulk Hands."
by hulkhands May 19, 2010
A popular toy inspired by the Hulk comic book character.
"Nobody messes with me when I have my 1337 hulk hands!"
by Type-Z Evolution June 15, 2004
When one aggressively inserts his hands into the vaginas of two plus-sized females simultaneuosly, in a Toys 'R Us parking lot.
"Instead of buying Christmas presents for his kids this year, Chad decided to spend his money on something for himself, so he got 2 prostitutes and gave them Hulk-Hands for Christmas."
by Martian12 August 09, 2012
Using both of your fists(hands) to fist two women at the exact same time. One girl on each fist(hand).
Damn bro! I heard that Kyle and Chad both had Hulk Hands at Jake's party the other with 4 Jamestown girls. They are true super herebro's.
by RoboChad August 08, 2012
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