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Condition. When a single mother repeatably tells you that she has the hardest job in the world. No matter what you do or face in life, it can not compare. Her job is the worst. She gets to stay home with the kids, work in her pajamas, bend over at the waist to put in DVDs, collect a check, not have a boss to answer to, and put her kids to bed early any time she wants.
"I got free tickets to the show and when I asked her if she wanted to go with me, she dropped her single mom ego on me, telling me she doesn't have time to go to shows like some people".
by RHP4 January 04, 2011
Noun. A woman that holds onto a man until another comes along. She continuously repeats this cycle. A slut.
Stay away from that girl. You could get her but it won't be long before someone else is pounding that ass. She's a trapeeze artist.
by RHP4 January 04, 2011
Noun. A promiscuous girl. One that is known to get many men off. A very wet and horny sexually active woman.
Did you see that girl grabbing on all those guys tonight?" "Yeah, she's a real weasel greaser.
by RHP4 December 31, 2010
Descriptive. Displaying shameful, embarrassing behavior worse than typical stereotypes of the black community.
I was watching Flavor of Love and that Flavor Flav is just nigorish!
by RHP4 January 04, 2011
Suggestion. Eat Shit. To heartily swallow a no.2
That guy was mouthing off at me so I just told him to chug a deuce.
by RHP4 January 04, 2011
verb. To have a girl give you oral sex, even though you are not interested in her, finish in her mouth, make sure she swallows and to gently send her away. Can also be used as Trashbagged.
1. I didn't find any attractive girls at the party but I went trashbagging on this girl that was into me. 2. I trashbagged this Ho that was all over me.
by RHP4 January 04, 2011
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