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To have a large shit after baking for a while in the stomach.
Ooops got to go to the toilet, i'm dying for a croinch!
by REL74 February 10, 2010
One who snorts large quantities of cocaine.. or cut as it's known today!!! Originated in the mid-nineties in a small village called marple in the UK.
My god did you see how much chisel he's had this weekend?
I know he's one hell of a bugle warrior!!
by REL74 February 11, 2010
Ecstacy tablets
I've been on the critters again and i'm fucked out of my head!
by REL74 February 10, 2010
A "Fosk" (huge foreskin) which can be used to preserve fossill fuels. The huge foreskin or fosk, would be used instead of fossill fuel and is generally known as "millenium fuel". Originated on the beaches of Barcelona in 2007, during a climate change summit!!
Dad - My god son, that could be used as millenium Fuel!!
Son - What you trying to say Dad?
Dad - You've got a massive foreskin son!!
by REL74 February 12, 2010
Got any chicken? (As in rhyming slang for chicken and leak....Beak) Beak also used for cocaine.
by REL74 February 10, 2010
alternative word for weed, marajuana etc.
Kev - I'll come to yours tonight mate.
Lee - Nice one, have you got any wonga?
Kev - I have!
Lee - Great I could do with a smoke or two!!
by REL74 February 18, 2010
To be attracted to young girls and boys! Oddball and a whole hearted pervert who likes to nonce!!
Dave - Hi Jane, what's up with you?
Jane - I've just been Whitty'd
Dave - You best call the police then!!
by REL74 February 11, 2010

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